Why choose a custom window treatment service?

Approaching home decorating projects can be a daunting task. There are many considerations involved, particularly regarding window coverings. Mistakes can be costly, frustrating and time consuming.

Custom window treatments

As a window treatment professional, we help guide you through this incredibly detailed task to help insure the final outcome is one that reflects your personal tastes, answers the challenges that have been presented, and results in a beautiful and functional solution for the room.

Tassels & Trim’s professional services that result in a successful outcome include:

  • Accurate measuring of your space
  • Awareness of potential obstacles that may not be immediately apparent to you
  • Our years of experience with design styles, color use and functionality of different treatment types
  • Our unique ability to coordinate with existing elements in your home
  • Knowledge of the multitude of products available for use
  • Access to designer fabrics and hardware
  • Professional installation

Though custom window treatments may sometimes be a higher investment than readymade options, choosing the exact fabrics and colors that will complement your décor and accurately fit your space to measure is the final piece of the decorating puzzle that makes a room feel complete. Treatments that are designed and fabricated to precisely fit the windows and the style of your home are the essential finishing touch to any room’s décor.